28 October 2011

Bugs be gone!

Spring weather brings out the bugs and creepy crawlies. That's all well and good when they are outdoors, but not so good when they invade our homes.  An easy and cost effective way to rid your home of these unwanted pests is with common borax. 

To get rid of cockroaches, silverfish, moths and spiders  place small amounts of borax in shallow containers (jam jar lids are ideal) and distribute them around your home anywhere the cockroaches roam. Slip one under the fridge, another under the stove if you have an upright model, under the lounge, behind wall units, in fact anywhere that makes a good dark hidey hole.

Then put some borax in an empty dishwashing detergent bottle and puff it into inaccessible areas such as the piping under your sinks and in any other gaps you may have, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Be sure to place it out of the way of pets, crawling babies and curious toddlers as while it is a very effective  "natural" treatment, it is toxic and not meant to be eaten by anything other than the creepy crawlies.

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