16 November 2011

Cleaning with Vinegar

A bottle of ordinary white vinegar can clean and disinfect, deodorize, deter pests, remove mould and kill germs! And it’s only $2.19 for two litres! This most versatile of liquids can take the place of almost all your household cleaners - saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

Imagine the ease of only having one cleaning item in your cupboards - how much space would that free up? No more confusion over which product cleans what item - you only have one cleaning product to use!

Softest Washing on the Line

Pour 1 cup of white vinegar into the washing machine with the final rinse – your washing will be soft and odour-free and your washing machine’s ‘internal organs’ will stay clean and healthy too – no more build up of detergents in the hoses etc.


1 cup of white vinegar in a bucket of hot water will hygienically clean your hard floors in one go. No need to rinse, just mop and let the floors air dry.

Sparkling Clean Tiles

Dampen a cloth with straight white vinegar and use to wipe over kitchen and bathroom tiles to leave them sparkling clean and streak free.


For a sparkling clean toilet, flush and then pour undiluted white vinegar around the bowl and rim. Leave for 10 minutes or so, brush and flush!

Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Sinks

For stainless steel sinks wipe over with a cloth soaked with un-diluted white vinegar, rinse with warm water and dry. For porcelain sinks and basins, wipe over with a cloth soaked in un-diluted white vinegar and then rinse.

Shower Recess

Clean those tiles and that grout with undiluted white vinegar in a spray bottle. Just spray onto the tiles, scrub with a scrub bud or nail brush, rinse and dry. Keep them sparkling by wiping over with a cloth dampened with white vinegar. Vinegar will get rid of that pesky mould and act as an inhibitor too.


Rinse with hot water first, and then put the plug in (it helps to have a string tied to the plug for this exercise). Fill the sink with hot water (boiling if you can) and add 1 cup vinegar and ½ cup washing soda (Lectric Soda, in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket). Once the washing soda has dissolved, pull the plug and let it flush out your drains. No more odours, you’ll help to prevent build-ups that cause blockages and no nasty, stale odours either.

Annoying Insects

Wipe over benchtops, sinks, tiles, cupboard doors and shelves with undiluted white vinegar to deter ants, cockroaches and other annoying pests. Spray directly onto cockroaches to kill them - a nuclear explosion may not kill them but a good squirt of vinegar will!

Pots and Pans

Clean the copper bottoms of pots and pans by sprinkling with salt and then gently rubbing with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Rinse well and dry with a soft cloth.

These are just nine ways vinegar can be used around the house. It can be used in the garden too (it's a great weed killer) in so many ways.  It really is a versatile and very cheap household cleaning product.

On that note - do you know you can get twice as much bang for your buck from your vinegar?  Simply decant half the bottle into another clean container (label it please) and top them up with water. Let it sit for two weeks and you'll have four litres of good cleaning vinegar! Try it, it works and it saves you money.


  1. Home brand vinegar is only $1.09 for 2 litres. I assume vinegar is vinegar. I already use it in my washing but will definitely try the other tips. Thanks Pam

  2. If you've been cooking, and the inside of your saucepan is burnt black, cover the bottom with vinegar and add a few tablespoons of carb soda. Put the saucepan in the freezer overnight and in the morning take it out and let the liquid start to thaw. You'll find the baked on gunk will just lift off. I was skeptical when I heard it, but I tried it, and it definitely works.

  3. I also heard if you only have half your vinigar bottle left add water to it and in 3 weeks it will be all vinigar again so it halves the cost again and double the ammount of vinigar. Bit like your own vinigar plant. Can be repeated many times another saving.

  4. Vinegar is a godsend when you are travelling . . . have done England, Canada and NZ in a motorhome and some of the washing facilities can be scary. . . I am sure vinegar saved my sanity because I added to every wash and rinse! I got some awfully funny looks, but I knew our clothes were safe :-) At home I use it everywhere. God bless vinegar and thank you for this great site. I am off to make soap powder now . . *rubbing hands with glee*

  5. I am adding to my comment from yesterday about vinegar and motorhome travel. I have had the best day today . . . . as well as having already made the soap powder, today I made the miracle spray (and it is!!) and also the stain removing soap. It is all so easy to do, I was amazed. I have been flitting about cleaning everything in sight with the miracle spray, I just cannot believe the results and I am sure I will never use anything else. The smell is divine and the sparkle it leaves has to be seen to be believed. Thank you so much for a great site.

    1. I tried the miracle spray just recently and it is amazing..absolutely blew me away it is so good and cheap..well done to whomever thought that one up..BLOODY BRILIANT !!!!

    2. Miracle Spray is the invention of Cheapskates Club member Joyofquilting. We are all so very grateful for her submitting the recipe to the Tip Store way back in 2008! It has become the staple cleaning product of so many Cheapskaters. It's even given as a gift!

      We all agree it is brilliant :)

    3. what is that miracle spray??

    4. Miracle Spray is an multi-purpose cleaner. Put Miracle Spray into the search and the recipe will come up (I can't link directly from a comment).

  6. I buy my 2 ltres of white vinegar from Aldi for .97cents. Every cent counts eh!

  7. Would like to use vinegar to clean with but don't like the small, any suggestions?

  8. Oh, but it only smells like vinegar while it's wet. Once it dries you can't smell it at all, especially if you are using it for cleaning and rinsing and drying off straight away. Try it!

  9. Another use for vinegar is for insect bites.

  10. It is really good to know new ingredients of cleaning solution that you can find in your kitchen. Very nice.

  11. I've been using it as rinse-aid in my dishwasher for years, the glasses sparkle, no smell either. Lisa :)

  12. I use cider vinegar as a hair rinse which leaves my hair shiny and silky clean. It also does not seem to need washing as often and when I do wash it I seem to need less shampoo.


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