10 November 2011

Every last drop of moisturiser

You think a litre of petrol is expensive? At $24 per 30ml, my moisturiser is over $800 a litre! Thankfully it does a good job. Once the pump has stopped working, I tip the bottle upside down and give it a couple of good shakes before I use it. This gives a few extra portions. When that stops working I carefully prise the cover off and use a cotton bud to get the last of the moisturiser out of the tube.


  1. I love skin care products in tubes which can be cut and the last of the 'unsqeezable' product used up; I get close on a week more of my foundation cream. Best to use a plastic spatula and not fingers to avoid contamination

  2. I even cut the container in half with a sharp knife & you would be amazed at the amount left coated to the insides. If the container is shaped, make sure you cut it at the widest part then slip the two ends inside one another so whatever is left does not dry out before you have had a chance to use it! I get 2 - 3 weeks of daily moisturiser this way.

  3. I cut the end of my tube of moisturiser and started wiping the left over cream off the sides, cutting more off as the level gets lower. I have so far had an extra two weeks out of the tube after I would have thrown it away and there is still quite a bit of cream left at the other end.


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