11 January 2012

Charge Less

A lot of people believe it’s unrealistic to live without using credit, it's not.  Some people rave about being able to use their credit cards for rewards and additional savings on their purchases, never taking into account the interest they are paying on the balance on that card that gives them so much for free. This year, try using your credit card less by switching to a cash budget.  If you feel  you really need your credit card, choose your bank’s debit card that’s linked to your savings account instead. You'll be spending your own money and not adding to your debt.  Nothing curbs the urge to splurge better than seeing your money leave your wallet.


  1. I disagree with this if people use credit cards properly. If you can pay off your balance each month and avoid interest, there are a lot of lucrative rewards schemes that if put to proper use (trading points for coles/woolworths/fuel vouchers - i.e. things you need) reap many rewards. We end up about $3-400 better off per year with our credit card scheme by using the points properly and avoiding interest

  2. Lol I got rid of my small $500 credit card debt before I got married and my Hubby has never had one in his life. Were not stupid. Lol. Sure we miss out sometimes but it never hurts as much as our friends who are up to there eyeballs is debt and constant bills and reminders!

  3. And if you have no history of CC use when you are young, trying to get a loan from a bank can be really difficult as you have no history of being able to repay debt.

  4. Of course you can get a loan without a credit card! That's just ridiculous, what country do you live in? I've never had a credit card and I've borrowed to buy a car, travel and a mortgage. A good saving record and the ability to re-pay debt is what is required i.e. mobile phone. Lenders want to know you can actually repay the debt. The old fallacy about needing a credit card to get a credit rating is just a ploy to get you to get into debt and keep you there!

  5. Maintain your budget to avoid debt. There are several ways you can live even without the card.


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