25 January 2012

Don't get conned by the spiel

We've all seen the adds and heard the spiel:  It's tax deductible so why not buy it now, it's my money, I can spend it all if I want to, only poor people need a budget, consolidate your bills and save money, you have to spend money to make money, you need to use credit cards to build a good credit rating, why not buy it now, it's interest free, I'll pay the credit card off when the bill comes in, I deserve a treat.  Don't get caught in these traps, they'll only add to your debt, keep you tied to the debt round-about and increase your pain. You can be smart with your money. Before you buy anything stop and ask yourself:

    1. Do I really need this?
    2. Do I really want this?
    3. Do I have the cash to pay for this right now?
If you've answered no to any of those questions you have your answer: no. Ignore the spiel and keep your hard-earned right where it should be.

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