06 January 2012

How an Old Sheet Can Save Your Shoulders

We have a rather large walk in robe in our bedroom. Not that I'm complaining at all. It comes in handy for storing all manner of things aside from our clothes. We have the party boxes on the top shelf, spare doonas and pillows are in vacuum bags on another shelf. I can hide special things in there and know that they won't be found by prying eyes. I have the storage tubs with extra pantry supplies in there too. All in all it's a great space. Except for the dust.

We have roadworks happening up the hill from us, major roadworks that won't be finished until the end of the year at the earliest and the dust blows down the hill and into my spic and span (ok I may be exagerating a little here but it is clean) house. And into my walk in robe, where it gathers on the tops of my coats, jackets and skirts.

The obvious solution would be to buy some shoulder covers to put over the coat hangers so off I went to see what I could find. After an hour of traipsing from store to store, through Kmart, Big W, Howards Storage World (boy is that shop expensive) and the Reject Shop I finally gave in and bought one. For three dollars. It was the sturdiest looking cheap one I could find.

I bought one because I have used it as a pattern to make some more myself. They are surprisingly quick and easy to cut out and stitch. Two simple half ovals, hemmed and then stitched to within 5mm of the centre top. Then a quick snip to make a small hole for the hook part of the coat hanger to go through and they were done. To stop the small hole from fraying or tearing I brushed around the edges with clear nail polish. Less than 15 minutes from laying out the pattern to putting them over the hanger.

My overlocker wasn't co-operating so I used a French seam on them and a double turn for the hem. If you have an overlocker then that won't be necessary, just stitch them up.

I made 16 in one afternoon and they didn't cost a cent. I had an old queen size sheet that was torn and beyond repair. Being a plain cream colour it was ideal for the job. Now my coats and jackets hang in the wardrobe, shoulders nicely covered and free from dust.


  1. What a clever person you are. I think this is brilliant. I have be trying to work out how to make my hangers, which have strap hooks, stop marking my tops. I will just make them using your smart idea and then hang my delicate tops on the cover. You are a genius. I know I am a little excited but this has been plaguing me for weeks.
    Thanks again

  2. Sheets are always a better alternative to plastic which over time leaches out and can ruin what's underneath!

  3. I just enjoy and celebrate the return of both simple items and simple pleasures that are not only practical and useful but fun to make and fun to use. I love Raelene's idea to use these to support a delicate item as well!!!


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