02 January 2012

Get Out Those UFOs

Every crafter has at least one. The project that was started and for whatever reason put aside to start something new.  Some crafters have dozens of them, all taking up space and wasting money.

Start the new year with a decision to get those UFOs finished. Pull them out and have a good look at them. Any you find that you really don't want to finish pass on to someone who would love it.  Any kits you have that  you just know you will never work, donate.  Sort your projects according to the work involved to finish them. They're just like paying down debt - work on the quickest and easiest first and you'll be inspired to keep going until even your biggest challenge has been finished.

1 comment:

  1. This is quite an ironic post, as I spent part of this afternoon in front of the air conditioner, sorting out my quilting cabinet ... did I find a treasure trove of UFO's! I am now quite inspired to complete these projects - without the need to purchase any more fabric (well for now, anyway!) I enjoy reading your daily posts and finding inspiration from like minded people, thank you.


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