09 January 2012

Edible Jewellery

We are at that stage in the summer holidays where the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Year is over and the excitement of new games and toys has worn off.  Kids are getting the "I'm boreds" and parents are starting to pull their hair out.

One way to keep younger children busy for a while is to let them make edible jewellery.  Remember years ago we could buy necklaces and bracelets made of small sweets? They were strung on hat elastic and were great fun.

Your children can make their own edible jewellery, using jelly beans and dental floss.   The dental floss is strong enough to hold the weight of the jelly beans and easy for little fingers to handle.  A blunt-nosed No. 18 tapestry needle will glide through those sweeties easily.

Edible jewellery - yummy and fashionable!


  1. This is a very clever idea. I went ahead and tried to create an adult version and made a bracelet that was meant to look like something I saw in a
    womens fashion online store. I failed miserably.

  2. Make sure that it's safe for consumption as well. Germs could get in.


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