23 January 2012

Creative crayon fun for kids

Old fashioned was crayons are inexpensive and just perfect for these art activities.  As the school holidays slowly wind down, keeping the kids amused without spending a fortune can get tricky.  These four art activities use old fashioned was crayons and will keep  kids amused for hours.  Wax crayons are inexpensive and available at any $2 shop or discount department store if you don't already have dozens of them.  In fact for these projects the cheaper the better so don't pay more than you have to buying Crayola or Faber Castell etc.

Activity 1: Create colour
If you have a bunch of old broken crayons, make them new again with a vibrant mix of colours. Remove the papers from the crayons and fill a mini muffin tin with crayon pieces. Place in a slow oven (120 degrees Celsius) for 8-10 minutes. Make sure to cool them completely before using.

Activity 2. Rainbow designs
For a fun design, tape a few crayons together and start making shapes. It’s perfect for making rainbows. Try drawing one shape, such as a heart, with the crayon bundle. You'll end up with hearts inside hearts inside hearts!

Activity 3. Etch a picture

This is a lot of fun and older kids can create some amazing works of art using this method. Colour a sheet of paper completely with a variety of crayon colors. Then cover the multi-colour surface completely with black crayon. Then take a paper clip and scratch out a drawing. The black crayon will come off, revealing the colors below.

Encourage children to try mixing their crayon colours to see what new colours they can create.


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