07 July 2012

ABC Shop Eastland

Today has been an absolutely beautiful day, and I don't mean the weather (although the sun was out for the first time in almost two weeks).

I spent a delightful two hours at the ABC Shop at Eastland, a shopping centre in Ringwood, a suburb of Melbourne. Fiona, the store manager and her team did a wonderful job, the shop looked lovely with lots of posters and a big display of Eat Well, Save More books right in the middle of the doorway - you couldn't miss them :)

Thank you so much to every one who called in to say hello and to everyone who brought their books along to be signed. And thank you all so much for chatting with me, I had a ball.

Hannah took some photos for me and if I can figure out how to get them off the SD card I'll post them for you all to see just how lovely the store looked.

I hope you all enjoyed your tasty samples too. I had no idea Fiona would make the Three Ingredient Tea Cake (page 121) and I made a batch of Johnny Cakes (page 127) and they all went, not even crumbs left. There were a few husbands and partners who came back for seconds, so they must have been good.

It was lovely to catch up with Jenni, Colleen, Margaret, Louise, Amy, Debbie, another Debbie, Barbara, Catherine, Melanie, Paula, Andrew, Rob and Warren.

Rob came all the way from Nowra just to get his book signed. He's also visiting his son and daughter-in-law to make the trip worthwhile, or so he told me. Perhaps my shop visit just happened to coincide with his visit to Melbourne :)

Colleen commented on how nice it was to talk and share tips, something she hadn't done in quite a while. At one stage we had such a group gathered, all chatting and sharing tips and recipes and it was just lovely to see.

And the number of young men who stopped by, tried the tea cake or a Johnny Cake and asked what it was all about while they nibbled was inspiring. They all, every one of them, bought the book. I am so sorry, but I've forgotten your name but you'll know who you are, the young man who is sharing a house with two other fellows almost ran off with his book after excitedly telling me it was exactly what they needed because they were spending almost all their money just on food made my day. I only hope your housemates are as enthusiastic as you are!

Some of the books were bought as gifts for grown-up children leaving home for the first time, and I thought that was a nice "mother" type of gift. Something practical but given with lots of love, that will help their children build their own home and life on a solid foundation.

Before we knew it, it was 2 o'clock and past time to pack up, two hours had flown by.

Thank you again everyone for giving up your Saturday afternoon and stopping by to chat with me.

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