13 July 2012

Simple Shopping Habits Save More Money

Like me Simone Petersen is a mother of three, and like me she has some simple shopping habits that save her money.

Simone writes "I'm a mother of three and money is tight. I save money on my weekly food bill by applying these things:

• always shop after a meal so you aren't tempted too buy treats;
• always go shopping at night just before closing time as you can save up to 50% on bakery items and some meat;
• never take kids shopping as you will buy things for them that you normally wouldn't buy;
• always set your self a limit; if your supermarket has huge savings on items you normally buy then stock up;
• buy in bulk e.g. meat at your local butcher is cheaper and fruit markets are cheaper than supermarkets. Price check - get to know your supermarket. Some supermarkets are more expensive than others. Normally if there are more than 3 supermarkets in your area then the prices are competitive;
• always shop on sale days;
• best time for shopping is after 9 at night;
• ask your self do you need this;
• when buying sale items ask your self would I buy this if it wasn't on sale;
• buy reusable plastic zip lock bags, they can be washed and reused;
• when cooking make more so it can be frozen for another day saving time;
• only serve what you can eat on your plate;
• use rice and potatoes in your meals as it makes them go further."

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