26 July 2012

Keeping It Clean

Creative play with paints, textas, glue, glitter and playdough is good for children. It keeps them amused for hours while it encourages them to use their imaginations and develop their creativity.  Unfortunately creative play is also messy play, especially  this time of year when creative play is indoor play.

To make clean-up easy, and to protect your furniture and floors, use plastic tablecloths as drop sheets.  Put one on the floor, under the work surface. Spread the other one over the work surface. The kids can play and splash water or paint or glue and you won't be worrying about the mess. When they have finished you can either lift them and put them straight into the washing machine or hang them on the clothesline and hose them off. Let them dry, fold them up and they are ready for next time.

I bought my plastic tablecloths from the Reject Shop for $3 each and they have been fantastic. When my nieces and nephew come to stay out they come and we all have fun.

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