01 July 2012

EWSM Real Food Challenge Day 1

Today is the day.

We started the EWSM Real Food Challenge with breakfast this morning and so far so good.  Mind you we've only had two meals (breakfast and lunch) but they both consisted of real food - not a commercially processed food in sight.

Breakfast was porridge. Good, old fashioned REAL porridge. Not a quick or instant oat in the pot, just a lot of deliciously nutty real rolled oats. Now rolled oats take a while to cook, unless you know the secret.

And the secret is simple: soak them!

Actually soaking grains is a good thing, it aids in digestion and the absorption of minerals. There are a number of differing views on just what you should soak in.  Some recommend a milk-based product such as buttermilk or yoghurt or kefir. Others suggest warm water.

I prefer the results from the warm water so that's what I use. Three quarters of a cup of oats to one and a half cups of warm water, soaked overnight. I add another cup of water before cooking.
To get delicious creamy oats, cook them slowly, over the lowest heat possible. Yes this takes a while, but the heat is so low I can be doing other things while they cook. Give them a gentle stir every now and then to create the "cream". Then, when they start to bubble, you stir, stir, stir until they are thick.

Or if you don’t think you'll have time to cook them in the morning use your slowcooker and they'll be ready for you as soon as you wake. Just remember they will need more water in the slowcooker. How much more and just how long they'll take to cook will depend on your slow cooker.  Experiment, but I'd start with a 2:1 ratio of water to oats and cook on low for 6 - 8 hours.

I had pure maple syrup (no white sugar allowed) on my oats this morning and they were delicious. The boys had honey and were happy too.

For lunch we had salad sandwiches on fresh wholegrain bread. Very delicious, no one even noticed there was no mayo. I only had a bottle of mayo and as it's out the sandwiches were mayo-less.  Actually they could have used a little mayo so I'll just have to make some tomorrow.

Dinner tonight will be real food too. Veggies fresh from the garden, and a nice golden roast chicken with homemade stuffing and homemade gravy.

Our first day of real food, if all goes according to plan, will be easy.

So how is your first day going?


  1. its been ages since I have had porridge,, after reading the above, I am now going to soak some oats. Porridge is on the menu for Breakfast tomorrow... Thanks..

  2. I have porridge every morning, but not rolled oats, they are too processed, try steel cut oats, they are much nicer and have a delicious nutty taste. No sugar, honey or syrup, I just chop up a few strawberries and blueberries..... Delicious!

  3. When life was hectic and I was having breakfast at work, I had a sachet of those instant oat. My take on them was to soak them in half water & milk for at least half an hour, then make it up as directed. Sooo much nicer.
    A tip for those who can't make oats at home.


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