17 July 2012

Wind power

Wayne and I are planning for our retirement. 

It's still a long way off, but the kids are almost finished with their educations and we are looking to the next stages of our lives, and that includes retirement.

We have a retirement wish list, which includes moving. Once the kids are gone this house is just going to be too big for two old fogies like us, add the fact that we have very little yard and would prefer to be out of the city and we are searching for our dream retirement home.

There is a wish list of things we'd like to have: more land, an eco-friendly home (I'd love a straw bale house) and solar and wind power (we want to be off completely off the grid if possible). 

There's been a lot of talk about wind farms and the negative effects they are having on communities, and even some statements that they cost more to run than it does to produce power from coal. 

I came across this You Tube video this morning by Friends of the Earth. It's about six minutes long and well worth watching, if only because it explains some of the common myths about wind turbines and basically debunks them.

I am not a greenie by any means. In fact I loathe that term. I am however concerned about our environment and the impact humans are having on the natural world.

Finding environmentally friendly, cost effective sources of power such as wind and solar energies is a part of caring for our environment and reducing the impact we have on the earth.

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