02 January 2013

Car Pool

One of the most talked about - yet infrequently used - ways of cutting living expenses on a day to day basis is car pooling. Car pooling to get to work will save you money, cut down on traffic on the roads and pollution. But my favourite way to car pool is getting kids to school.  By car pooling with another parent or parents you save money and petrol, but you also free up a considerable amount of time each day.

 If there are other parents in your community who take their kids to school, why not:
  • Make an arrangement for both families to car pool every day?
  • Save a few bucks by cutting down on your daily petrol consumption?
  • Put those petrol savings to even better use?
There's still time before school goes back to arrange a car pool with some local families - so as the saying goes "just do it"!

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