16 January 2013

Lots of Little Ways to Conserve Electricity

Electricity is obviously a key expense that we just cannot avoid. However, have you ever thought about switching out your bulbs to energy-saving alternatives and turning off everything electrical when not in use? Most of us have, but there are other things you can do to cut down on your electricity consumption.
  • Electronic equipment, like computers, use electricity even when switched off. To really save money, unplug them when you're not actively using them.
  • You may think that it won't make much difference because things like light bulbs don't use up much electricity anyway, but you'll be pleasantly surprised at how much savings you'll see on your energy bill.
  • Keep the food processor in the cupboard and dice, chop and grate your vegetables the old fashioned way - with a sharp knife and a grater!
  • Do you really need to blow-dry your hair every time you wash it? Try towelling it dry, then combing into your style and letting it dry naturally (or you could make a cuppa and take it and a book and sit in the sun for 20 minutes). It won't take long to dry and once it is, just comb or brush it through.
  • Switch to washing every second day, or even just twice a week. Yes, you'll have more loads to do, but there is a much better chance of them being full loads.
  • If you have a large chest or upright freezer, only open it once a week. Treat it as a shopping trip and take out everything you'll need for the coming week: meat, bread, vegetables, desserts, pastry etc. Transfer the food to your fridge or the fridge freezer compartment. Each time you open your freezer, it costs you money to bring it back down to the set temperature. Eliminate frequent opening and save some money.
None of these things will save you a fortune on their own. But collectively, over a year, they will make a big difference to your power consumption and the overall bill. Why not give some of these ideas a try and see how much of  a difference they make to your power bill?


  1. Regarding washing, I am amazed how many people with quite small families do washing every day. When I looked after my granddaughters while their parents were away on a special trip I was astonished that each day, the school uniform dress was thrown in the wash basket and a fresh one put on next day. Then the clothes they changed into also went in the basket - after being only worn for a few hours. I would never wash my own clothes after just one wearing (apart from undies of course), unless I had been outside in the summer and got really sweaty. So re-assessing your clothing/washing habits could save heaps on soap powder and electricity.

    1. My boys had a fresh shirt every day, but wore the same shorts/trousers for three days; Hannah wore her summer dress two days, then a fresh shirt every day in winter and her tunic for the week. They also changed out of school uniform as soon as they came home and wore whatever they changed into for the week. If I only wear something for a short time, like today, good clothes for just a couple of hours, then they are worn again before laundering. Wayne has a fresh set of clothes every day but his job is grimy work. I guess it depends on your lifestyle as to how often you need to launder clothes. Just making sure you have a full load helps. I often save whites for a week or 10 days until there is a full load.


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