17 January 2013

Chef's Tip Jar

When you eat out, you may sometimes leave a tip for your waitress - apparently the going rate is 20% of your bill. Why not apply the same logic to eating at home? When you cook an especially nice or complex meal, treat yourself to a tip. Keep a tip jar on the bench and estimate the amount you would have paid for a similar meal at a restaurant, then bank 20% of that amount in your "chef's tip jar."

  • Let's say for a meal of pasta for four, you pay $45 at a restaurant. Save money by cooking the meal at home, and tip yourself $9 rather than the waitress.
  • If you don't have cash on you, write yourself an I.O.U. and actually call it in next time you go to the bank. Alternatively, you can simply transfer the amount of your "tip" to your savings account.
Just tipping yourself $9 once a week will give you $468 at the end of the year - now that's a nice little tip for doing what you'd do anyway.

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