31 January 2013

Keep Up With Gift Giving

I like to give gifts, and not just for birthdays and Christmas, but often just because I can. Keeping track of what I give to who can be a little tricky. The solution is my handy-dandy little black book. Everyone I give gifts to has been assigned a page. When I see something I think they'll like I make a note of it (what, where, how much, when) and when I give them something I make a note of it (what, when, why).

It may seem a little OTT but life gets busy and memories are not always reliable, but my little black book is. It means I don't double up and don't spend hours wandering around looking for the perfect gift  that I just know I saw somewhere.

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  1. The little black book may seem a little OTT but here's a little story of what could happen to anyone. My girlfriends and I have been getting together around each others birthdays for 15 years or more and sometimes we go just before or just after - I completely forgot whether I had given my friend her gift early and in the end I had to text and ask her - luckily she saw the funny side of it and I had - but an organiser would have avoided my fau par. In my defence I had been pretty stressed out and she was aware of this. in todays modern technology I guess we could utilise a memo system on our mobiles - this would avoid having extra weight in the handbag and I would probably lose it or forget to make an entry!!! Julie Cottrell


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