01 February 2013

"Living" in Your Car

In today's modern world, many of us spend so much time in our car going from work to errands to carpooling kids, that it is essential to organize our vehicles as well as our homes.

· After a thorough cleaning out, set up your car as a traveling home office. Keep some extra water bottles, pens, paper, snacks and spare change in your car. Again, the dollar store is a great place to pick up organizers in all shapes and sizes although ziplock bags and ordinary Tupperware style containers you already have work well too.
· Keeping a file folder in your car for receipts as you travel along will help tremendously at the end of the month. By keeping receipts, tracking exactly how much you are spending in your Spending Plan categories for petrol, drive-through meals and coffee etc.
· Once your car is neat and tidy, just make sure that everyone else on board helps with the maintenance of your system. Teach little children to take their books, bags and toys inside with them when they get out of the car (you can teach big kids to do this too!). Make sure you aren't carrying stuff you don't need and don't use the boot as a storage unit - empty it after shopping and make sure you take out whatever it is you put in it as soon as you can.

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