08 February 2013

Catalogue of Dreams

I cut the pictures and information on items of clothing, make-up, household design ideas, storage options, cookware, utensils, bedding, Christmas decorating ideas, anything that I see that represents a look or style I would like to achieve in the future from magazines and pamphlets I get. I then paste them in a big scrapbook that I bought.

I save my "sanity" money towards items in the book and use my spare time to try my hand at some of the decorating ideas. Looking through the book, which is now full, is like looking at a personalised catalogue. It is great to cross things off as I get them or complete them and it means I am not storing an excess of magazines for "one day", I pass the mags on to mum who doesn't mind if the odd page is missing!

And how many times do you get asked what you would like for your birthday or Christmas? It can be hard to think of suggestions, but with a scrapbook full of ideas it makes it an easy question to answer.

Contributed by Brydie, Warrnambool

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