06 February 2013

Recycling Your Junk Mail

If you're like most people, you make quick lists throughout your week, such as the errands you need to do today or items you want to pick up at the supermarket. You've got tons of those little memo pads you buy at the office supply store. All over the house, the car, in your handbag and by the phone you need a scratch pad.

Rather than purchase all those pads of paper for your lists and notes, try the following:

Step 1.  When junk mail arrives, open each envelope.

Step 2.  Next, sort the papers by size.

Step 3.  Stack the papers, turning each paper over  so the blank sides are on top.

Step 4.  Use the envelopes as long as the envelopes are blank and have little writing on the back side. Envelopes are the perfect size for task and store lists.

Step 5.  Staple each stack of like-sized junk mail  papers in the top left corner.

You've just made your own scratch paper pads  and they didn't cost a cent!

*Place a scratch pad in your kitchen to use as a grocery list.

*Put one of your junk mail scratch pads in your car  to scribble important notes.

*Store a scratch pad on your bedside table  to jot down all those things that come to you as soon as you go to bed.

*Keep one of your junk mail scratch pads in  your handbag for quick notes.

*Put one by the phone to catch phone messages.

*Use the one you put on your desk as your daily to do list.

With only your stapler and your junk mail, you can make the world a greener place and save some money, too!

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  1. I use larger ones that can't be written on to line my compost bucket. Saves washing it out every time, and the paper can be composted too.


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