13 February 2013

5 Money Habits of the Wealthy

These tips come from recent interviews with millionaires about how they have accumulated their wealth.

How can you make them work for you?

• Avoid spending money on expensive digs. Get comfortable in your modest home. You'll pay it off quicker, which means you can then save even more money. Plus, a less pricey home is thriftier to maintain than a mansion.
• Refrain from making frivolous expenditures.  You might embarrass yourself if you purchase something unnecessary. Why not spend smartly instead?
• Never pay full price for anything. Shop sales or clearance only. Shop off-season to save even more.
• Wear business clothes for business only. Plan for  shirts, suits, and outfits  to last 4-5 years. Stick with classic styles and clothing that wears well and requires little ironing.
• Keep cars for 10 years or longer. Take exceptional care of them inside and out.

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