03 January 2013

Coin Operated Laundry

With a family of five, I seem to have a never ending supply of washing to keep up with - at least 10 loads a week, more if we have houseguests, and most households would have a similar laundry load each week. Doing laundry costs money, even if you own the washing machine and use Cheapskates Washing Powder. 

Think of your laundry as a way to save money. A simple way to do this is to pay yourself to do the washing. Keep a jar in your laundry and pay yourself $3 every time you do laundry. One dollar to wash, one dollar to dry and one dollar to fold. And, if you're feeling generous, leave yourself a tip!

  • Assuming that you do laundry three times per week, you can save $156 per year!


  1. Sounds interesting! I wonder how will this coin-operated machine will be fixed if ever it breaks, do they also use the same a coin-per-transaction system here.

  2. Just make sure you drop in the coin to the right slot so that it'll not ruin the overall system. Or else, I'm pretty sure it'll be hard to fix these kind of automatic stuff.

  3. I wonder if I should revert back to this again. Our washer's still pretty down, and I won't be able to buy a newer one anytime soon.

  4. Every I always wash my stuffs by means of hand wash and it took's me 3 hours to finish them of 1 week of washing. It is so convenient to coin laundry so I can anytime wash my clothes without hassle.

  5. I think you have all missed the point! Coin-operated in this case has nothing to do with your washing machine! This is a personal reward system where you put money in a jar for every load you do. Read the article again. Blessings, Rosaline.

  6. Maybe when you have teenagers (that always need everything in there wardrobe washed) you could start saying ' if you want me to do your laundry you get to pay the $3, or alternatley if they want more pocket money pay them the $3 for doing the laundry. :)


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