26 June 2013

25 Strategies to Stretch Your Money No. 19 - Experiment

Experiment. Can you put away the paper towels in the kitchen one day a week and use cloth towels instead?   Look at it this way: if you place a clean tea towel and dishcloth on the sink first thing in the morning, it won’t be as difficult as you think to go without the paper towels. What if you stored them in the cupboard and used them only for extra-messy clean-ups?

A basket of dishcloths sits on top of the microwave, right next to the sink, in my kitchen. When I need to mop up a spill or wipe down the bench I can just reach for one, and it's good to go.  Tea towels are in a drawer, within reach of the cooking and food prep areas.  When they are ready to be washed they go straight into the machine, ready for the next load.

Using paper towels may seem convenient and they may not seem expensive, but add up the cost over a year - and don't forget to include the cost to our environment - and you'll see that convenience comes at a rather hefty price.

Try cloths for a day – out of sight, out of mind can save you some money.
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  1. We are on limited tank water and I use paper towels as we can't afford to make any more washing. If used carefully they aren't expensive but water is. I use them only when necessary but they are cheaper than buying water. Val

  2. What do you mean by a cloth towel? Is it a tea towel? If not, what size is it and what fabric and did you make it yourself? Hope you don't mind so many questions ... Thanks.

    1. I don't mind the questions at all Winny. The type of cloth will depend on the mess. If it's a small spill I use one of my knitted dishcloths. I also use them to line the container I keep mushrooms in - they'll stay fresh for over two weeks stored like that. If it's a bigger job I use a tea towel, and for really big jobs (like when the washing machine overflows!) I use old bath towels.


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