21 August 2013

This Family Get-Together Could Save You $100+ per Year per Person!

Sometimes your family members need to get rid of items they don’t use anymore. Your kids probably have some decent clothes that no longer fit them. And you’d like to experiment with a new power tool from time to time. So why not hold an annual swap meet for your extended family members?

Here’s how you do it:

Invite your siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and their families for a  family swap meet once a year.

Hold the swap meet in your garage or backyard or the family room, if you prefer.

Send an email 2 months in advance to all who'll take part in the swap meet.

Set the ground rules as to types of items (clothing, small appliances, tools and toys, for example) people can bring to swap.

Stress that all items to be swapped must be clean and in the case of appliances and tools, working. Clothes should have no stains or tears and be in good condition.

Mention all items will be free for a 1-to-1 swap that both parties approve of.

All the kids will get in on the act and love the idea that they’re getting a new game or their cousin’s formal dress from last year.

If space is limited and the family large, feel free to limit the number of items each family can bring so everyone has some space to display their swaps.

Make it even more frugal and fun by asking each family to bring a dish to share to have an inexpensive, easy family dinner afterward.

By the time you swap for a couple of clothing items for yourself, a new tool or small appliance, plus the items your kids are pining for, you’ll have saved a nice bit of money and moved on some of your clutter.

For a family of four who gain just three or four items each, you’ll probably save at least $100 per person in your family by swapping items at your Family Swap Meet, rather than buying those items outright. Try it!

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