01 August 2013

What is living the Cheapskates Way?

When you think of living the Cheapskates way do you think of a life of deprivation, hard work, hoarding and miserliness? 

It’s nothing like that. In fact living the Cheapskates way is closer to simple living, where you strive to become as self-sufficient as possible.  When you think of simple living, the idea of doing without electricity and getting up at 4:00 a.m. might be a connotation that crosses your mind. That may have been the ideal behind simple living back in the day, however, that is not at all what it means by today’s standards and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with living the Cheapskates way.

The Cheapskates way is a way for individuals and families to return to traditions and practices that will allow them to go back to basics while freeing up their time, their money and their sanity.

Some practices of living the Cheapskates way are as follows:

· Bottling, freezing and drying vegetables
· Growing your own vegetable garden
· Preserving fruits and jams
· Baking your own breads
· Making homemade pizza
· Batch cooking meals
· Buying in bulk
· Organizing trips in your vehicle to save time and petrol
· Making things from scratch to save money
· Sewing your own clothing
· Making your own soap
· Recycling and reusing
· Making creative next day meals from leftovers
· Going green
· Deleting unnecessary stressors from your life
· Hand washing clothing
· Home haircuts
· Being energy wise in the home
· Avoiding unnecessary debt

Some of the benefits of frugal living, to name a few, are:

· Saving money
· Saving time
· Saving energy
· Living debt free
· Making your own food without preservatives or pesticides
· Deleting some stressors
· Spending more time together as a family
· Having more time for yourself and your spouse
· Living greener
· Having pride in doing it yourself
· Becoming more organized
· Becoming more efficient
· Becoming more self-sufficient

These are just a few benefits of living the Cheapskates way. Individuals and families today are looking to unplug from technology and plug into each other. Baking, gardening, batch cooking, recycling, purging and crafting are all things that can be done as a family unit. They want to ditch the debt so they can enjoy their lifestyle.

The key is working in unison as a team while working to incorporate simpler times when families worked together, ate together and played together. There are so many benefits of frugal living such as financial savings, saving time, creating more energy and just being a happier, more relaxed individual.

It is no wonder that so many people are yearning to unplug and tune out of technology and tune into each other with a simple, frugal lifestyle. While you may think of the Cheapskates lifestyle as one of using a single light bulb and eating only beans and rice, it is not quite that drastic. It is, however, lucrative, profitable, productive and overall fun.

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