07 August 2013

Weird and Wonderful Places to Stash Your Cash

While I don't suggest that you keep all your money hidden in your house, occasionally circumstances may dictate that you have a sizeable sum of cash on hand for a short time. You probably don't have a home safe and running out to buy one isn't exactly frugal. So where do you stash it to keep it safe? 

Well firstly, remember the saying "don't put all your eggs in one basket"? It applies to keeping valuables in the house too. Don't keep all the cash in the one spot. If it's in the the one place and something happens, then it's all lost.

The toilet tank.
Um, no. While it may seem like a good place, wouldn't it be the very first place any burglar who's ever watched TV look?

The freezer.
Probably the second place that burglar would look. Unless you can completely hide it in a sealed package, there are better places to stash that cash.

Bury it.
Well it works. As long as you remember where in the yard you buried it. And it needs to be waterproof and pest proof.  A tip I read suggests using PVC pipe to hold the stash, with caps at either end finished off with plumbers tape. It needs to be buried deep to remain hidden. It sounds like a lot of work for a short-term hidey hole.

Tennis ball.

I like this idea. The tip suggests cutting  open a tennis ball, stashing your cash (or jewels or whatever) and then placing the ball between two others in the original tube. Just make sure you fill the tennis ball with wadding so it doesn't rattle if the tube is shaken. And put it somewhere where it won't get picked up and tossed into a sports bag!

Under the mattress.
No. Again, it's a classic hiding spot and one of the first places any thief will look.

This is a good one. No, you don’t use a live powerpoint. Create a small wall cubby and cover it with a powerpoint faceplate. You can buy a powerpoint at any hardware shop and it's a simple matter of a couple of screws to hold it in place over the cubby hole. Just be sure to put it where you'd expect to find a powerpoint so it doesn't stand out.

Tampon box.
This is the best short-term hidey hole for a cash stash yet! Just slip the cash down the side of the box, or underneath the product and put it back in the drawer or cupboard. Ladies will understand when I say no burglar would think to look there. They may tip the drawer out and look under the drawer liner, but open that box - not on their life!

These ideas work for cash for the short term - don't keep large amounts of cash in the house long term. It's not wise, and you could well have issues with your insurance if you do.  If you plan on keeping a large amount of cash in the house regularly have the value added to your insurance; most companies have specific rules about what can and cannot be covered by your home and/or contents policies.  Talk to them about how you can best minimize loss if you had to make a claim.

And lastly, leave a clue to where you keep your stash. If you should become ill, or die would your loved ones know where you keep your cash? Unless you want your valuables to be lost and of no use to anyone, let two or three trusted family or friends (or perhaps your solicitor) know your plans. And add a note with your will, explaining the what and where.


  1. I once heard about a family member cleaning out a deceased person's fridge after they had passed on, and in the freezer they found a loaf of bread with the middle hollowed out, and the loaf was filled with cash!

    1. Wow Robyn, - that give a whole new meaning to "How much dough do you have on you?!"

      Further, had to have a memorable laugh at my darlin' Dad (God rest his soul.
      He used to have a recurring nightmare................

      "Thieves in the toilet!" was his anguished shout.

      As there was NO place for anything but a toilet roll holder and the throne itself - I cannot envisage what those poor thieves would have to steal..........


  2. After having cleaned out a few deceased estates - coat pockets came up trumps every time!



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