28 August 2013

Tickled Organizing

A tickler is a file, often used by journalists, to remind them of and idea months down the track. I use a tickler for planning stories, articles and blog posts. You can use a tickler to remind you of upcoming concerts, sports events, school functions - anything you like really.

Calendars and organizers are great. Electronic organizers work well too for one person, but they don't work well for everyone in the family, nor do they hold clippings, permission slips, bills, invoices, receipts and anything else that accumulates in a busy household.

For a busy family, a planner that is accessible and easy to use is needed, and that's where the tickler comes into it's own.

Take an expanding file (minimum 16 pocket).

Label the first four pockets Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

Label the next twelve pockets January through to December.

To use your tickler place articles about upcoming events, school notices, concerts, holidays, sports schedules and so on in the appropriate month. At the start of a new month take the clippings from that month, sort them into weeks and drop them into their slots at the front of your tickler. At the end of each week, empty the pocket. Shred or recycle the rubbish and file anything that needs to be kept in your permanent file.

You won't miss an important event again.


  1. Thank you so much, this is sooo simple yet effective!!! Great idea!

  2. In our household we use a shared Google Calendar-so easy to share and check by all. It's a great help to me organising dinners etc, as I can easily see well ahead who will be out that evening. Can be consulted from anywhere, and I often check it while shopping for perishables.

    Also wonderful for setting recurring dates up to years ahead for medical checks, etc.


  3. Cozi is a great family calendar. It also includes to do lists, journals, calendar, schedules and automatically sends out weekly emails with the upcoming weeks appointments. You can also publish newsletters from the journal stories. It can be used via a web page and/ or an app. Very handy.


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