23 January 2015

34 Ways to Save on the things you use Every Day

1. Buy in bulk.

2. Compare weekly ads for best prices.

3. Go generic, avoid brand names.

4. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables at your local farmers' market.

5. Scout for coupons and discount offers.

6. Shop according to what's on sale.

7. Buy fruits and vegetables that are in-season.

8. Buy re-usable cloth serviettes instead of paper.

9. Use rags or tea towels instead of paper towel. 

10. Buy everything for the week in one trip.

11. Plan ahead for purchases you know are coming up.

12. Plan your weekly menu in accordance with sales and the food you already have in the house.

13. Use frequent shopping cards.

14. Shop at garage sales and secondhand stores (op shops).

15. Read the fine print on credit card offers.

16. Negotiate lower interest rates on your credit cards.

17. Keep a budget for your household.

18. Ask yourself if you really need an item you wish to purchase.

19. Make more meals from scratch.

20. MOO your household cleaning products.

21. Take advantage of samples.

22. Cut down on utility bills - use less water, turn off lights, hang clothes to dry, and more.

23. Check the clearance section first.

24. Reuse items and buy reusable batteries.

25. Avoid grocery shopping when you’re hungry.

26. Search for less expensive insurance from top-rated companies.

27. Take advantage of Internet sales and discounts.

28. If possible, avoid taking children with you to the supermarket.

29. Implement the $100/24 Hour to cut down on impulse shopping.

30. Make your own organic weed killers.

31. Brew your own coffee and lattes.

32. Take your lunch.

33. Avoid vending machines - bring your own drinks and snacks from home.

34. Buy off-season - shop at the end of summer for summer items, the end of winter for winter items or after Christmas for holiday items and use them during the next year.

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