10 January 2015

Morning Tea at Miss Marple's Tearooms

Are you an Agatha Christie fan? I am. My favourite Agatha Christie character is Miss Marple. So I'm sure you can imagine just how much I love going to Miss Marple's Tearooms in Sassafras for morning or afternoon tea. I can't remember when we first started to going for a drive up into the hills to Sassafras, stopping at Miss Marple's for morning or afternoon tea before wandering along the street looking in the shop windows, oohing and ahhing at all the pretties for sale, but it's been a long, long time.

Wednesday was my birthday so Mum and Hannah took me to my favourite tearoom for a Devonshire morning tea.

It was lip smackingly delicous. I know it was lip smackingly delicious because the little fellow sitting at the table next to us would take a bite of his scone then we'd hear "mmmhhmmm schmack". Somehow that doesn't seem very cute in text, but he was very cute and really enjoying his scones.

We ordered our tea and scones and sat back to watch the other patrons as they enjoyed the tearooms too.  Smiled with the proud parents of a very cute little baby who'd just learnt to wink and was merrily winking away at anyone who so much as glanced at him.
My Mum, loading up a three story scone with jam and cream

Watched the shock on the face of an overseas visitor when he saw the size of the scones (we call them "three story scones") and then giggled to ourselves as we watched him try to get one in his mouth (we cut them into at least three slices - hence the "three story scones").

Laughed and chatted to our friendly waitress, dressed all in black with a beautifully starched white apron. Who takes the time to really starch laundry anymore? Do these lovely waitresses have to starch their own aprons?

Admired the collection of teapots around the room. Some are very old, some are very plain and some are so beautifully ornate they could be nothing more than an ornament.

And we stuffed ourselves full in a very unladylike manner with three story scones smothered in lashings of jam and cream and pots of steaming hot tea.

It was a lovely birthday treat and one I'll remember.

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  1. Three storey scones - I wish mine would rise that high. Scones are so simple to make and everyone is so impressed.

  2. Lee from QueenslandMonday, January 12, 2015

    As a lover of both "cream" teas and Agatha Christie, this sounds like a marriage made in Heaven :) And if you love Miss Marple, have you tried the Miss Silver series by Patricia Wentworth? Marvellous books about an older lady sleuth of both high intelligence and high moral fibre. Written during the 40's and 50's mostly, they can be hard to find, but definitely worth it. Most libraries have them, or can get them in, and I've found many in book exchanges. I've even noticed they are available e-books.
    I love reading your posts, and have used so much of what I've learned.

    1. I've read some Patricia Wentworth books. Interesting they're available as ebooks, now I just want to do a search and see what I can find :) I've become quite fond of ebooks since the kids gave me a Kindle for mother's day last year, although nothing can replace a hard copy book.

    2. Oh I so agree about real books. As a vociferous reader Kindle is wonderful for holding all the books I like to take on holiday, but it doesn't have the same tactile pleasure of paper and ink :)

  3. Happy Birthday for last week Cath, Miss Marples Tea Rooms sound gorgeous and what a perfect way to spend your birthday. I love going up to Sassafras to, all those beautiful shops to look around in, such a beautiful place :)


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