27 January 2015

Luscious School Lunch Ideas

School goes back this week and that means lunchboxes, and lots of good food to go in them. I spent the greater part of 18 years packing school lunches and over the years came up with some simple foods that would ease the boredom of sandwiches and fruit for the kids.  They are kind to whoever has to pack them too, all quick and easy and deliciously different ideas.

Shaker Salad

Place lettuce, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices in a large ziplock bag.
Place some corn chips and grated cheese and a serve of salad dressing in separate ziplock bags. Make sure the bag with the dressing in it is sealed properly.

At lunchtime, pour the dressing over the salad. Re-seal the bag and shake to mix through. Top with the corn chips and cheese and enjoy.

Star Sandwiches

Spread bread with mayonnaise and to with slice of chicken and a slice of cheese. Top with second slice of bread. Using a star shaped biscuit cutter, press shapes from centre of sandwich.


Kids and adults a like love dippers. You can put together your own version very easily with a little imagination.

Cottage cheese
Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese

Place your desired dip in either a small, resealable container or a twist of greaseproof paper.

Carrot sticks
Celery sticks
Mini grissini
MOO Pita chips
Corn chips
Mini crackers

Pinwheel Sandwiches

These dainty and special little sandwiches will appeal to even the most jaded of appetites. I guarantee you won't be getting any lunchtime leftovers brought home with these.

Before making the sandwiches flatten the bread with a rolling pin or drinking glass. This makes the bread easier to roll.

Spread with butter, cream cheese or mayonnaise. Top with sliced deli meat. Roll bread tightly into pinwheel. Slice into 4 pieces. Stack on top of each other and wrap tightly in plastic wrap.

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