08 January 2015

Loads of Fun With a Giant Game Board

The excitement of Christmas and New Year are over and by now kids are starting to get bored. Being high summer, the weather isn't always conducive to outdoor play so keeping them amused and active, without spending a fortune can be a challenge. Cheapskater Glenys has a really fun way to create life-size board games that everyone will enjoy.

Loads of Fun With a Giant Game Board   

A hint since it is the school holidays, Board Games are not cheap $10 - $30 approximately each. Instead buy some black and white squared vinyl floor covering. Most el cheapo/discount/reject shops stock squared pattern vinyl, and you have an instant large board for a variety of games, which is great to use in the rumpus room, carport, garden. Kids can use their imagination and then create a car racing game by using cars as tokens, and Blu Tacking a series of small cards (business card size) to some of the squares e.g., go to the pits, miss a turn, tyre blowout back three spaces, overtake a slow car move forward 5 spaces etc. You could also use animals and have a farm or zoo themed game, small horses and have a racing theme, the ideas are limitless. You could easily turn this into a theme day when they have friends over to play and expand the theme to cover dress ups, and themed food. Using 2 litre milk/juice caps the vinyl becomes a draught board.
Contributed by Glenys

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