24 June 2015

$5 Here, $5 There Really Adds Up

When my daughter was getting married a couple of years ago I didn't know how I was going to afford a really beautiful Mother of the Bride outfit. So I decided that I would try to not spend the $5 notes that came my way as change from breaking a note for another purchase. It worked. Whenever I got $5 as change I would put it in a separate purse and forget about it.

Well they really started to add up pretty quickly. Within a few months I had a few hundred dollars.

When I went shopping for my outfit I ended up finding a truly beautiful outfit for just over $300 dollars and only had to add $25 to what I had saved in $5 notes. It saved me having to put my purchase on credit card and pay back over several months, not to mention the interest that would have been added as well.

So I still save my $5's. It's great for Christmas presents, birthdays, and holidays. Now I never spend my $5's until that special time that I've been saving for.

Contributed by Dianne

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