29 June 2015

DIY Scented Candle Melts

I was given one of those wax burners, with melts included. They have been well and truly used. Once the perfume had dissipated I was left with what appeared to be just plain candle wax. So I simply added a few drops of essential oils, (sweet orange and lemongrass are my two favourites) each time I lit it. This has worked wonderfully well, and when the wax seemed to 'evaporate' I cut off a portion of ordinary candle wax and melted it into the existing wax. This combined with the essential oils, has been going for about two years now. The essential oils are about $4 or $5 dollars, but as you only use a few drops, (get one with a built in dropper) it lasts for ages. The other added benefit is you can mix your own oils to make your own unique aromatherapy.

Contributed by Jill Lancett

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