18 June 2015

All Seasons Quilts

I do this too with the kid's doonas. Once the nights start to cool down I pin two summer weight doonas together, using nappy pins (four to a side, so sixteen all round). The nappy pins are large enough to keep a good hold and have the safety cover to prevent them coming open and causing an accident. If the winter is really cold it's a simple matter to add another layer to the doona and washing is easy, they just unpin.

All Seasons Quilts

I have 3 teenagers who have been hounding me for new doona inserts as they say that the ones they have are not fluffy enough. I have looked in my overstuffed linen and come up with 6 old thin doonas. I went to spotlight and got some clips that snap together and sewed them on, allowing two doonas to fit together. This makes it thick and fluffy for winter and clips apart to use as a summer doona. The kids are thrilled with their new doonas and it didn't cost me a thing!!!As i am not the most handy mum the kids thought i had lost the plot, but now realise it was a great idea they got a new doona and mum is happy.

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