10 June 2015

Small Adjustments Combine for Large Gain

Approximate $ Savings: $2,500 annually  

Becoming a seasoned "Cheapskate" has taught me to always be on the lookout for ways to save $$$. At first glance, many things may not seem to be worth the effort, however the results, when combined and calculated over a years time, are significant. For example:

  • a call to the phone company saved me $5, 
  • a change in cable service -$13, 
  • called the refuse company to discuss rates -$3, 
  • closed our Safety Deposit box -$2.10, 
  • switched from disposable to reusable (dish rags, napkins, plates, etc.) -$6, 
  • eliminated most all junk food purchases -$33 (and 10 lbs.:), 
  • one additional week between hair appointments -$10, 
  • cancelled daily newspaper delivery $8.33, 
  • on-line bill payments -$3.33, 
  • reduced electric -$15.50,
  • natural gas -$8.33, 
  • water-$2.50, 
  • practice ESSENTIAL spending -$86, 
  • use Cheapskates washing powder -$12.50. 

Combined, these small monthly changes save us (at least) $2,500 annually.

Happily, we can add to that another $300, as we are now able to avoid the late penalty on our property taxes!

After getting started, it's become a bit of a game, and the savings just keep coming!
Contributed by Laura Toy

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1 comment:

Tania said...

Thank you for the tips Cath.

It is amazing how all those small amounts add up over a year. Great savings!