29 April 2010

Be a nerd with a smile

Be a nerd – take a calculator with you when you do your grocery shopping. Or you could just use the calculator function in your mobile phone. We already know (or if you don't you do now) that not all packaged foods are priced equal, regardless of appearance.   According to Choice Magazine, the unit price of 1.2 kilos of Pedigree dog food works out to be 22% more expensive than the same product in a smaller tin. So much for buying in bulk being cheaper!   And packaging may appear to be the same size, but always check the net weight of the contents. You may be surprised to find as much as twenty percent net weight difference in two packets with the same dimensions.  Always work out the unit price if you don't know for sure and you'll smile when paying  the lowest price. We'll recognise you at the checkout because you'll be the nerd with the calculator, the full trolley and a huge grin!

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