07 April 2010

It's not what you can't have, but what you can afford

We don't use the "B" word (budget) very often in the Cheapskates Club. It scares most people, focussing their thinking on all the things they can't have rather than all the things they can have because they have a budget.  Instead, Cheapskates have Spending Plans. Spending Plans show you all the things you can afford to have right now. Spending Plans also let you own those things immediately, rather than just renting them when you buy with credit.

So, when you think about your Spending Plan, don't see it as about being what you can't have. Instead, look at it as a plan for you to have the things you want. And when you are working out your Spending Plan, don't deprive yourself.  Build in the odd treat and some "mad money" and sticking to your Spending Plan will be easy.

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