15 April 2010

Timing is everything to save

The day and time of day you shop can also save you money. Try to do your grocery shopping mid-week. The new weekly specials begin on a Monday but most supermarket and specialty shops do their own comparisons with their competitors so often you find more things are on special in the middle of the week or on weekends.

Shopping later in the day can also save you money at the supermarket. In particular bakery items, meat, and dairy items are often heavily marked down in the early evening (check the schedule with your supermarket). This is a great time to buy and you should stock up for future use. If you freeze these items on the same day you buy them not only will you never run out,  but they will taste as fresh as the day they were bought. The same applies to barbeque chickens. They are often marked down to half price or less just before closing time and they too can be frozen. Great for an emergency dinner, or for adding variety to a soup next week!

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