13 April 2010

Breakfast is ready

If you really like the variety of flavours and convenience of instant porridge but find it expensive when buying for a family, try making your own. Buy the family-size rolled oats (not quick oats) and use your crock-pot! We do this and it tastes great. Measure into your crockpot the normal ratio of one cup of oats to two cups water (this gives four regular or three hearty serves). We add cinnamon (about a teaspoon to every triple batch) and sometimes some dried apple or chopped dates or chopped dried apricots and flaked almonds. Turn the crock-pot on low for about eight hours (overnight) and wake up knowing breakfast is already taken care of in a very yummy way. We have also added brown sugar when in the mood. Or perhaps use golden or maple syrup as a substitute. This is by far our best and easiest breakfast when considering savings, convenience and nutritional content.


  1. Hi Cath, this might seem like a strange question but could you be a little more specific about quantities? You say to use a ratio of 1:2 but then go on to mention a "triple batch" with reference to how much seasoning you use without first qualifying what a single batch is. I have a household where some HATE "too much" cinnamon, and I'd hate to "ruin"a batch for incorrect measurements. Many thanks.

    1. Leave the cinnamon out if they don't like it. One batch is one cup of oats to two cups water. Triple batch is three cups oats to six cups water and one teaspoon of cinnamon. The amount you make will depend on your family size and their appetites.


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