06 April 2010

Weevil Free

There is nothing so disappointing as opening a new packet of food only to find it is infested with weevils. There seems to be an unusually large plague of weevils (and other creepy crawlies) at the moment and while we can't tell if they are in the food we buy until we get it home, we can do our bit to control them. To keep your pantry and food weevil free, put it straight into the freezer for a week when you bring it home. Leave it in the packaging, it will be fine. They are in flour, cereals, rice, grains even pulses.  Freezing will stop the breeding cycle and kill any live weevils in the food.

After a week you can either transfer it to clean, dry, airtight containers and keep it in the pantry or leave it in the freezer. Choose a canister or container with a tight seal to keep out air, moisture and any bugs that happen to be flying around. Adding a bay leaf to each canister will also act as a deterrent, as will sprinkling bay leaves on your pantry shelves.


  1. For many years now I have always put rice, flour, all pasta, and bird seed into the freezer for as long as possible, 3 to 4 weeks to freeze any eggs that mightbe in those foods, so when they are eventually putinto their canisters no Weevils get to grow. I find it an extremely good method of keeping the wretched things out of the food.
    Aileen Susan Jeffery.

  2. What a great tip. So simple. Tks. I'll give it a go.


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