17 April 2010

Stained Glass Craft Activity Keeps Kids Busy

I love doing craft with my grandchildren, but sometimes the thing that they would like to do can be quite expensive. I save  glass jam jars etc., clean them, soak the labels off and let them dry. When the kids comes over we look through colouring books and they choose a picture from the book that will fit inside the glass jar - a flower, cat, dog etc. We use this as a template to draw on the jar with a marker. Then we collect different coloured nail polishes and colour in the picture through the jar. Remove the picture from the jar. Once the polish is dry we get a tea light candle in a metal holder and put in the jar, and sit down to afternoon tea. The nail polish is cheap and dries very easily and once the grandchildren leave you can remove the painting from the jar with nail polish remover and have a new design painted for you next time they come to visit.
Contributed by Victoria, Avonsleigh

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