26 April 2010

Socks on the Loose!

Escapee socks can be a serious annoyance, especially if you have uniforms to wash. One good tip for minimising missing socks is to place all socks and underwear in their own basket and then wash together as a weekly load. Keep a bucket with a lid for sports socks that need to be soaked and dump them in it each morning. Then the night before wash day, fill it with hot water and soaker, put the lid on and let them soak. Tip the whole lot into the machine along with the rest of the load the next morning.

Sort and hang them in pairs so that when you take them off the line they are folded immediately. This way you should always have pairs of socks, putting and end to those that magically disappear. You should find this a better way of keeping socks together than simply washing them in with everything else.


Zedi said...

If you buy mutiple pairs of socks all exactly the same, it doesn't matter when you lose 1 of a pair-saves going out to buy more


Anonymous said...

Aha! I was just going to mention these little plastic thingoes I bought (I don't sell them mind you) that keep the socks together, in the dirty clothes hamper, then in the wash, and then thrown into the drawers of the various folk in your house that wear socks! And they're colour-coded so you know who's socks are who's! My husband has lots of very similar black business socks and if you have children with school uniform socks this is a godsend. I suppose cheapskates would balk at paying money for these clip/hangers but the amount of time it has saved me is amazing. And time is money! Perhaps in the tips store someone has worked out how to replicate this great idea with some clever, cheap home-made contraption

umbrella1 said...

2017/2/21 I have used Zedi method. I purchase multiple school socks for my boys each year when
the school starts and the specials are on. This method last me all year and if I am lucky the
missing socks decide to join us and hide in the pack of socks.