25 February 2011

Build a Meal Emergency Fund

Emergency funds are an integral part of our Cheapskates lifestyle. They help us cope when we have a financial emergency and stop us resorting to credit to get through. So for those MCBB (Mum can't be bothered) nights, have a stash of back up meals in the freezer to avoid the takeaway temptation.  I have a stash of basic pasta sauces (bolognaise is easy, freezes well and always popular) and homemade soups in meal and single serve portions that I keep in the freezer. They are easy to thaw in the microwave and all I have to do is cook some pasta and toss a salad or butter some bread and dinner is on the table.

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  1. Another really good reason to have a stash of meals in the freezer is for when Mum is too sick to cook. While this doesn't happen as often as the above mentioned MCBB nights (we hope!!), when it does happen - and Heaven forbid it goes on for several nights - it can get quite expensive when your partner's idea of taking care of dinner is to let the local Chinese/Thai/fish & chip shop take care of dinner (bless them, they mean well)!!


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