09 February 2011

Save time shopping

People often tell me they don't have time to shop around like I do "just to save money".  They tell me that they are too busy  working (what do I do all day I ask you?) or they have a life (again, what do I have?).  I tell them they have the same 24 hours in a day that I do and that they just have to get organized! If you are organized when you go shopping you can shop for a month in the same amount of time it takes to do a weekly shop.  When making up your shopping list divide the paper into sections, one for each store. Then list all the items you are buying from that store in the relevant section. If you can get a store map, it's even more time efficient to list them by aisle.  Then plan your shopping trip so that it is the most time and travel effective. Most shopping centres have the major supermarkets close by, with independent grocers, butchers, greengrocers around them.  Shop with a plan and you'll save plenty of time, money and energy.

Remember, the less time you spend shopping, the more money you save!

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