28 February 2011

Re-Invent Second-hand Jewellery and Save on New Beads

The latest craze seems to be making your own jewellery. When buying beads, clips etc it can be very expensive from the bead shops. I now go to second hand clothing stores such as Lifeline, the Salvation Army etc and buy very cheap second hand jewellery. I then dismantle the items and reinvent my own fabulous necklaces, earnings bracelets etc.

Contributed by Robyn

Robyn's idea isn't just for jewellery. Beads make wonderful embellishments to embroidery and tapestries as you can see from the close-up above. Rather than just using embroidery wool to work the tapestry (which is Hannah's) I used stranded cottons, silks, flower thread, soft cotton and beads for the buds on the vine, adding depth and perspective to the work. Add them to t-shirts, along the front bands of cardigans, around the cuffs of jackets etc to create unique wardrobe pieces. Beads are not just for jewellery making, just use your imagination.

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