27 February 2011

Getting ready for winter

Autumn is the most important time of year in the vegetable garden.  The days are mild and pleasant for working in the garden so we have no excuse and the soil is still warm enough to start off those very important winter veggies. Get those seedlings started now so they will be ready to plant out in early to mid April. They need to be big enough to cope with the cooler soil and the cold days and nights of winter. Give your winter veggies a head start by preparing the soil now. Weed well, dig over and add lots and lots of compost. Check your garden plan so you aren't planting in the same spot as last year (crop rotation helps to prevent diseases and bugs in the soil and retain fertility).

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  1. just found your site after getting your book out of thelibrary. in view of impending doom and gloom amongst my family with the threats to jobs etc, I am delighted to see an Australian site, would love an update for cheapskating through 2014, as the prices are now pretty different, especially here in ACT think your wisdom should be hung on the wall of every Centrelink, Salvo's, Vinnies etc where I see far too many sad faces! Bless you


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