24 February 2011

Save More - Track Your Food Costs!

We all know that tracking our spending helps us save money.  So have you ever considered tracking your food spending? Food is the next biggest expense for us, next to rent or mortgage payments! If your budget seems to just keep blowing out, record every cent you spend on food. Every day for  a month write down all the money you spend on food. Not just your weekly groceries, but that latte with the girls, the canteen money for the kids, the fish'n'chips on Friday night.  I'm not saying you can't have these things. Just be aware that they are food costs and do have a huge impact on your Spending Plan.  If you are trying to keep your food bill and your Spending Plan under control, you may decide that the $35 fish'n'chip takeaway each week just isn't worth it and can be a $15 homemade fish'n'chip dinner instead, saving $1,040 a year!

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  1. Coffee out always adds up when ur out, so what I have decided to do as a naughty treat for the week is to buy a box of 10 convenience skinny cuppachino sachets from coles at $4.50 (cheaper on special at $3.75) they are individual serves so can take anywhere & and shout your friends if you want,of course I have to be more organized and take with me in a portable insulated mug or flask of hot water, but I figure, I have still made a big saving on coffee considering its $3-4 just for 1, a decent one from a cafe. And I don't drink it everyday thats my vice/pick me up for the week, as I don't drink or smoke I feel its justified. Yum, you can still enjoy your coffee just find a cheaper way of doing it. Happy days :-)


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