17 February 2011

Utility Review

A Spending Freeze is the perfect time to review how much you are paying for utilities. Spend some time over the next few days to review your utility expenses. Gather electricity, water, gas and phone bills and then shop around for better deals. Loyalty should work both ways: if you are a loyal customer, paying accounts on time, then your service provider should in turn be loyal to you, giving you great service and a fantastic price.  These days it is common for a service provider to lock you into a contract with a penalty for leaving early. Unfortunately there is no benefit to you, the customer, in taking up this contract. It doesn't protect you from price increases or guarantee you any better service. It just traps you into doing business with the company for the duration of the contract (usually two years). That's no way to repay loyalty. If you find a better deal, consider the penalty for breaking the contract and if you are going to be better off either go ahead and switch companies or let your current provider know you have a better deal and give them the opportunity to beat it.

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