16 February 2011

Turning Dreams into Reality

Many of the dreams Australians have are related to money: owning their own home, paying cash for a new car or travelling overseas.  And yet not one of these dreams will be fulfilled if they don't set goals. Goals for building savings, goals for paying down debt so they can build savings, goals for when they want to fulfil their goals.

During this Spending Freeze, take some time to re-evaluate your dreams and goals. Make them concrete, write them down. Then review your Spending Plan to see how they fit with your finances.  Are there areas in the Spending Plan that could be tweaked to make those dreams a reality?   If so, tweak them.  If not, review the plan to see where tweaks could be made.

Remember, Spending Plans are not set in concrete. They are meant to be flexible, to be tweaked to suit your financial circumstances, dreams and goals.

1 comment:

  1. sigh.....I SO needed this tip today to keep focused - not all tips relate to everybody but every now & again, 1 comes along that is just for the reader, for that day!!

    what would we do without you Cath! lol

    Izabella Paruit


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